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At Dar Amor Guatemala, our mission is to contribute to raising the level of health, degree of satisfaction, and quality of life of the elderly through prevention, promotion, and assistance actions. We believe that the elderly deserve a fulfilling life surrounded by love, and we work tirelessly to make it possible.
The story of Dar Amor Guatemala begins with the initiative of its founder, Mariela Malpica, who, knowing the reality of the area and with the vocation to serve, decides to do more than just help. Her short-term project seeks to provide medical attention to the elderly and be an economic support for the family basket regarding food. In the medium term, the objective is to be a permanent primary care agent in health, prevention, and care of the elderly, improving their quality of life. In the long term, the project aims to be a total agent of change in the living conditions of the elderly in Tecpán, providing medical attention, occupational therapies, psychological and affective support, and a physical space for them to enjoy and rest in their old age. The ultimate goal is to restore the joy of retirement to the elderly, reintegrating them into society with the value and virtues that their condition can provide.

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