Our work

At Dar Amor Guatemala, we work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of our elderly population. Through our comprehensive care program, we offer:


Proper medical care is essential for a good quality of life in old age. At Dar Amor Guatemala, we work in collaboration with health professionals to provide medical and preventive care services to our beneficiaries. Additionally, we offer occupational and psychological therapies to improve their emotional well-being.


Proper nutrition is essential for the health and well-being of older adults. At Dar Amor Guatemala, we focus on ensuring that our beneficiaries have access to nutritious foods and a balanced diet. Through our food program, we provide basic food baskets and nutritional supplements to those in need.


At Dar Amor Guatemala, we believe that education is key to sustainable development and improving the quality of life. That's why we work to provide access to educational programs for older adults, through workshops and activities that promote learning and personal growth.


A safe and dignified housing is a fundamental human right. At Dar Amor Guatemala, we are committed to improving the living conditions of older adults in the Tecpán community through home construction and renovation projects, as well as providing assistance with minor repairs.

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Cruzando Puentes

Uniendo Puentes seeks to foster connection and emotional bonds between generations by creating spaces where grandparents can share their experiences and knowledge with children, while the little ones provide them with their love and companionship.

Additionally, we aim to promote respect and appreciation for the wisdom and experience of our elderly in the community. With your support, we can continue building these bridges of love and unity between generations.

Join us and contribute to changing lives. Make your donation and together we will bring education, housing, nutrition, and health to those who need it most.